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Keywords: security -n -m option sort 0x86 separator
Synopsis: SunOS 5.9: sort Patch
Date: Apr/13/2012

Install Requirements: NA

Solaris Release: 9

SunOS Release: 5.9

Unbundled Product:

Unbundled Release:

Xref: This patch available for x86 as patch 114355

Topic: SunOS 5.9: sort Patch

Relevant Architectures: sparc

Bugs fixed with this patch:

Sun CR # Bug #

Changes incorporated in this version: 6199621

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch:

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch:

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch:


Problem Description:

6199621 problem with sort
(from 114363-04)
6556919 sort drops last input line
6627937 sort does not work correctly in ja/UTF-8 locales
(from 114363-03)
6178339 "sort -n" command with 0x86 as separator failed on a 2.7 G, 70 000 000 lines file
(from 114363-02)
4817791 sort command does not remove stmxxxxxxx temporary files after abort
4641790 sort could be more economical with memory during merge
4913776 temporary file handling fix incomplete
4851433 sort is excessively nostalgic about used temporary files
4897491 sort contains potentially unsafe code
(from 114363-01)
4725245 sort -n and -M misunderstand 1st field if it is NULL value when used with -t

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