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Keywords: security lp rfc1179 server authenticated nfs banner print
Synopsis: Obsoleted by: 118833-36 SunOS 5.10: lp patch
Date: Sep/08/2006

Install Requirements: NA

Solaris Release: 10

SunOS Release: 5.10

Unbundled Product:

Unbundled Release:

Xref: This patch available for x86 as patch 120468

Topic: SunOS 5.10: lp patch

Relevant Architectures: sparc

Bugs fixed with this patch:

Sun CR # Bug #

Changes incorporated in this version: 6297318

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch: 118857-01 118920-02 119562-01 119571-01 119587-01

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch:

Obsoleted by: 118833-36

Files included with this patch:


Problem Description:

6297318 Orphan dfA files found on cascading SUN print host.
(from 120467-04)
5065608 Cascading is broken with latest Solaris printing patch
(from 120467-03)
6314243 lpsched should sanity check request files
6314245 racy chown/chmod in lpsched
(from 120467-02)
6260526 S10 lp -c failed to print when file name + path exceed 15 chars len and request ID > 10
(from 120467-01)
6289134 lp subsystem remote file removal issue
(from 118857-01)
4997994 lp can not read/print file in NFS mounted directory.
(from 119562-01)
        This revision accumulates the changes introduced in Solaris Update
        s10u1 feature point patch 118920-02.
(from 118920-02)
        Uprev due to the elf signing problem - see bug 6233003.
(from 118920-01)
5096624 Unable to configure printer without banner
(from 119571-01)
6233613 ON support for sun4v solaris and source code reorg
6237411 Ontario platform support in Solaris
(from 119587-01)
6208058 in.lpd failed to print files when the umask is set to 077

Patch Installation Instructions:
For Solaris 2.0-2.6 releases, refer to the Install.info file and/or
the README within the patch for instructions on using the generic
'installpatch' and 'backoutpatch' scripts provided with each patch.
For Solaris 7-10 releases, refer to the man pages for instructions
on using 'patchadd' and 'patchrm' scripts provided with Solaris.
Any other special or non-generic installation instructions should be
described below as special instructions.  The following example
installs a patch to a standalone machine:
       example# patchadd /var/spool/patch/104945-02
The following example removes a patch from a standalone system:
       example# patchrm 104945-02
For additional examples please see the appropriate man pages.

Special Install Instructions:
NOTE :	If you're planning to set up Zones on this system, please make
        sure to install the following patch which fixes bugid 6216195
        (zone installation confused by UPDATE=yes in pkginfo(4) file.)
        119254-06 (or greater)  Install and Patch Utilities Patch

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