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Keywords: security tx cde desktop lockscreen password
Synopsis: Obsoleted by: 125280-07 SunOS 5.10_x86: CDE Desktop changes - Solaris Trusted Extensions
Date: Mar/09/2011

Install Requirements: Reboot after installing this patch to activate the changes delivered. An alternative may be specified in the Special Install Instructions.

Solaris Release: 10_x86

SunOS Release: 5.10_x86

Unbundled Product:

Unbundled Release:

Xref: This patch available for SPARC as patch 126365

Topic: SunOS 5.10_x86: CDE Desktop changes - Solaris Trusted Extensions

Relevant Architectures: i386

Bugs fixed with this patch:

Sun CR # Bug #

Changes incorporated in this version: 7002003 7011397

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch:

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch: 123612-05 (or greater)

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch:


Problem Description:

7002003 maximum password size limit with tsolcpagent
7011397 tsolcpagent core dump
(from 126366-18)
6938694 CDE copyright notice in Help dialogs needs updating
(from 126366-17)
6935483 dtlogin screen requires rebranding
6935484 dtlogin Chooser screen requires rebranding
6947309 IDLETIME and PROFS_GRANTED conflict in /etc/security/policy.conf and show field corruption on login
6948238 CDE icons need rebranding
(from 126366-16)
6746512 disable HELP button function on the clearance builder
(from 126366-15)
6849135 fix CDE issue related to typo in menu
(from 126366-14)
6786941 CDE T-patches T126365-13 and T126366-13 do not deliver fix for CR 6440690
(from 126366-13)
6440690 Acroread 7 seems to call XConvertSelection repeatedly
(from 126366-12)
6726295 TCDE hangs when root tries to log in
(from 126366-11)
6698404 dtlogin doesn't have a way to configure an idle time to reset a login
(from 126366-10)
6584060 [tcde] reset button on session selection dialog does not always reset to user's clearance
6672436 default desktop for Trusted Extensions needs to be changed from TCDE to TJDS
(from 126366-09)
6693902 TCDE mishandles/miscounts RETRIES field when screen locked via "Lock Display"
(from 126366-08)
6691776 Tpatches 126365-07 and 126366-07 missing one way hard dependency link to libXtsol 123611-03/123612-03
(from 126366-07)
6650187 CR 6550983 does not fix lockscreen password dialog locking up after bad password entered on S10
(from 126366-06)
6661542 [dtlogin] adding patch 126365-05/126366-06 results in improper name for menu item in dtlogin
(from 126366-05)
6649183 [tcde] cannot login to TCDE session on TX configured system
(from 126366-04)
6593992 remove libtlc dependency from Trusted CDE
6622051 Trusted Extension packages for CDE 1.7 do not build
6608207 [cde-login] cannot login to Trusted JDS session
6470188 [tcde] Selection Manager dialog launched multiple times at one multibyte copy between labels
6569010 Selection Manager continues to pop up after being dismissed
6564859 several Trusted Extension packages' CAS not Live Upgrade/jumpstart/zones compliant
6626727 SUNWdttsu package dependency issue with SUNWdtdst causes installation issues
(from 126366-03)
6550983 CDE lockscreen password dialog locks-up after bad password entered
(from 126366-02)
6363278 TX CDE Desktop should not bring up Perf meter, Help screen & FileMgr on all workspaces by default
6395845 wrong argument order for AW_SUBJECT_EX calls in CDE
6433584 CDE OLH - Changes in action names require update of OLH
6451691 change password GUI fails unless user is cleared for global zone
6465966 Japanese characters not correctly displayed by tsoldtlabel after dtlogin
6467055 role workspaces saved in user session's dt.resources and causes problem at re-login
6472270 Device Manager GUI stays in English even when translated message catalog is installed
6550677 [tcde] logout intermittently hangs
6552669 [TX] garbled windows appear after login
(from 126366-01)
6487195 tsoldtlabel uses system()
6504080 "tsoldtwm" core observed when ctl-alt-backspace key sequence pressed in SunRay session
6535584 TX DA CDE GUI needs to only display devices related to user's X display
6535882 TX code (tsoldtsession) in CDE should not contain Sun Ray-specific audio device allocation code

Patch Installation Instructions:
Please refer to the man pages for instructions on using 'patchadd'
and 'patchrm' commands provided with Solaris.
The following example installs a patch to a standalone machine:
       example# patchadd /var/spool/patch/123456-07
The following example removes a patch from a standalone system:
       example# patchrm 123456-07
For additional examples please see the appropriate man pages. Any
other special or non-generic installation instructions should be
described below as special instructions.

Special Install Instructions:
Not all patches listed in this section as needed for the completion
of a fix or feature, may be available at the same time as this patch.
This allows the remaining fixes/features to be made available sooner.
NOTE 1:	 Before installing this patch, please be sure to install the latest
	 patch utilities patches for your OS. This list of patches is defined
	 at http://sunsolve.sun.com
	 Please use the pull down list which appears after the text:
	 "Latest Patch Update: To ensure the correct functioning of the
	 patching utilities on your system, stay up to date on the
	 following patches"
NOTE 2:  To get complete fix for BugId 6698404 (dtlogin doesn't have way to
         configure an idle time to reset a login), please also install the
         following patch:
         119279-24 (or greater)  CDE 1.6_x86: dtlogin patch
NOTE 3:  To get the complete fix for BugId's:
         6935483 dtlogin screen requires rebranding
         6935484 dtlogin Chooser screen requires rebranding
         6948238 CDE icons need rebranding
         please also install the following patch:
         119279-36 (or greater)  CDE 1.6_x86: dtlogin patch
NOTE 4:  To get complete fix for BugId 6938694 (CDE copyright notice in Help
         dialogs needs updating), please also install the following patch:
         144993-01 (or greater)  CDE 1.6_x86: Help dialogs patch

NOTE: The list of 'patches required with this patch' (above) has been
modified from the list specified at patch creation time. The reason for
the modification is that one or more of the required patches was
either never released or withdrawn after its release. The following
substitutions (which are guaranteed to satisfy the original requirements)
were therefore made:

123612-05 replaces 123612-03

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