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Keywords: security label nfs share txzonemgr upgrading downgrading chk_encodings , >2gb file
Synopsis: Obsoleted by: 127128-11 SunOS 5.10_x86: Trusted Extensions labeld, chk_encodings, txzonemgr, zoneunshare, zoneshare patch
Date: Nov/26/2007

Install Requirements: NA

Solaris Release: 10_x86

SunOS Release: 5.10_x86

Unbundled Product:

Unbundled Release:

Xref: This patch is available for Sparc as patch 126448

Topic: SunOS 5.10_x86: Trusted Extensions labeld, chk_encodings, txzonemgr, zoneunshare, zoneshare patch

Relevant Architectures: i386

Bugs fixed with this patch:

Sun CR # Bug #

Changes incorporated in this version: 6565347 6595654 6607149

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch:

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch:

Obsoleted by: 127128-11

Files included with this patch:


Problem Description:

6565347 txzonemgr failed to add an interface to a zone
6595654 Administrative interface needed for nscd-per-zone configuration in
        Trusted Extensions
6607149 txzonemgr's install zone failed to create sysidcfg under TJDS
(from 126449-04)
6598910 zonecopy function in labeld should validate pointer offsets
6598913 Label builder door service should validate size of memory passed by
6601767 setlabel errors with Value too large for defined data type on files > 2GB
(from 126449-03)
This patch revision was created to address patch construction issues.
(from 126449-02)
6544174 txzonemgr needs better error checking
6552207 txzonemgr does not configure loopback mounts for /etc/passwd and
        /etc/shadow when creating zones
6555057 txzonemgr assumes LANG is valid
(from 126449-01)
6478436 Obsolete binary to string routines default to external view
6479819 txzonemgr reads tnzonecfg but doesn't remove entries from it
6483528 the private lslabels would improve usability if it knew the maximum MAC
6490114 full parse mode returns an error for the same label that regular mode
6504776 label range check is incorrect when upgrading or downgrading a file
6519494 txzonemgr should support trusted networking configuration
6525116 cannot share more than one directory via NFS per zone

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       example# patchrm 104945-02
For additional examples please see the appropriate man pages.

Special Install Instructions:
NOTE 1: After patch installation is complete, the labeld daemon should be
                # svcadm restart labeld

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